Automated gas calibration
and bump testing
for consistent results.

The Auto Bump & Calibration Dock (ABCD) provides fully automated bump and gas calibration for the Personal Safety Monitor (PSM) Hero 715 and 825, improving efficiency in device gas calibration. 

Due to the “in-series” connection system, the calibration gas cylinder can be connected to multiple docks as well as a single, providing increased efficiency in device calibration. The Auto Bump Calibration units can be connected in series for both gas and power, allowing equipment technicians to calibrate multiple devices in a single cycle. 

The calibration process is automated via wireless communication between the Auto Bump Calibration Dock and Personal Safety Monitor. The calibration dock also features an LCD display to easily convey process information, like display status and alerts, to technicians.

Features and Benefits


Series connectivity for multiple device calibration.


Inbuilt calibration gas management and venting, one-touch button initiation of the calibration process.


Device unique ID calibration logging and automated record upload to the system database


Smart connectivity between the Personal Safety Monitor device and calibration dock via integrated wireless interface.  Local wireless connection capability Mesh Access Points.



– Find a worker’s location indoor, outdoor and underground.
– Monitor a no motion event, speed over ground and changing elevation

Additional Highlights:

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