Real-time health and safety data everywhere,
even in remote, confined space, and underground environments.

Universal Site Monitoring (USM) design and develop Australian-made advanced connected worker safety monitoring solutions: a world first integrated system of wearable personal safety monitoring devices, communications hubs, reporting, and management software, plus ancillary products, providing essential safety data accessible from anywhere at any time. 

Connected Worker Safety Solution

Our connected worker safety solution is a comprehensive Personal Safety Monitoring System that has been designed to:

  • monitor in real time a worker and their environment from one handheld personal safety monitoring device
  • feed live data analytics directly to the control room and
  • alert on potentially dangerous situations before they become an incident
  • therefore, allow proactive decision making

The Australia, Europe & the US patented IIoT technology monitors:  

  • Air quality / gas sensing
  • Location & motion sensing anywhere, even in no GSM areas
  • Slips, trips and falls / man down events
  • Ambient air temperature & noise level
  • Speed & course over ground
  • Biometrics 
  • 3rd party BLE paired sensors, e.g.: hydrogen
  • The device also has real time communication through emergency voice calls & text messaging

The Universal Site Monitoring connected worker safety solution brings an unparalleled level of occupational health and safety in any industrial site thanks to customisable features to suit every operation & compliance standards, assisting a business’s most important assets can return home safely, every day.

These devices work together to create a safety system that provides preventative or reactionary measures to a range of potential risks and hazards in the workplace.

A Comprehensive Connected Worker Safety Eco-System



USM Communication Feature





Bluetooth Low Energy BLE





Universal Data Interface

Real-time Data Streaming

Real-time data streaming & analytics from all connected devices is available via the Universal Data Interface smart alert and navigation system, for viewing by personnel located in the control room. The live monitoring together with access to historical data provide the ability to prevent incidents occurring in the field by tracking trends, respond to incidents immediately as they occur and respond with the correct actions. The Universal Data Interface can be accessed via computers, tablets and smartphones (both Android and iOS) as needed. 

Gas Detection, Communication,
Alerts and Alarms

The Personal Safety Monitors (PSM) Hero 825 & Hero 715 device alerts its wearer to danger through audible alarms, vibration and warning lights – while also sending alerts and alarms to the control room operator. The device is capable of real-time communication (emergency voice call, instant messaging and push-to-talk), gas detection (CO, O2, H2S, LEL), geo-fence alerts, reporting other ambient and atmospheric conditions, gathering and reporting biometric data of the Personal Safety Monitor’s  wearer (via up to 6 Bluetooth Low Energy BLE connected devices) and alerts to slips, trips & falls.

Automated Gas Calibration

The Auto Bump Calibration Dock (ABCD) device completes automated Bump Tests and Calibration Tests, it includes an LCD screen to view status and alerts for devices currently undergoing automated processes. This device allows for calibration of multiple Personal Safety Monitor (PSM) devices at a time and eliminates potential for human error during calibration.

Remote / Confined Space Connectivity
Position Tracking

The Mesh Access Point (MAP) device enables data to be transmitted wirelessly in areas where usually communication would be impossible or unreliable, by creating a network of devices that can transmit the data between the Universal Data Interface (UDI) and the Personal Safety Monitor (PSM).  The MAP also allows for position tracking where regular GPS is unavailable or unsuitable. 

The Mesh Access Point can also be configured for satellite connection, through an Iridium chip. Data packet upload settings are configurable to ensure hazard or incident reporting requirements and minimize low orbit satellite network connection costs.

MAP Mesh Access Point
BLE Connected Devices

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
Connected Devices

Our system connects with up to six 3rd party sensors that can be Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) paired to the Personal Safety Monitors and to the Global Asset Monitor Mobile Apps at the same time. Biometric data can be collected through off-the-shelf biometric heart rate monitors, body temperature sensors, ambient temperature sensors etc. 

Universal Site Monitoring is currently working on other BLE devices that can be paired to the system like Clip-On Gas MPS Sensors. 

If you are a supplier of sensors-based products with BLE capability that could deliver interesting data to our system, please get in touch through   

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Universal Site Monitoring’s Connected Worker Safety Solution can assist with future-proofing your business, providing technology to meet foreseen changes in Work Health & Safety regulations.

Step into the next generation of worker safety with our Industry 4.0 technology.

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