One multifunctioning device
monitoring worker safety
in real-time.

The Personal Safety Monitor Hero 825 is the first safety monitor that combines real-time data streaming and analytics, real-time communication, early gas detection and resilient location sensing into one hand-held device. 

The wearable personal safety monitor is the ultimate safeguard against multiple risks, to ensure workers are protected regardless of job, industry or working conditions. With configurable features and functions to suit all operational needs, the most advanced Australian made personal safety device is on the market for any organisation.

Features and Benefits


– Allows proactive decision making from
facility controllers, preventing an incident
occurring in the field

USM Communication Feature


– Live and automatic emergency voice call
– Text messaging via drop down menu
– Push-to-talk & text messages (Mesh)


– Find a worker’s location indoor, outdoor
and underground.
– Monitor a no motion event, speed over ground
and changing elevation


– Biometric status can be monitored via a third party
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connected device,
allowing fit for task assessments


– Recognise fall from height
and potential man down events


– Carbon Monoxide (CO) / Oxygen (O2)
– Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) / Explosive (LEL) Gases

Industry first connected safety technology that keeps your workers safe.

The Personal Safety Monitor PSM Hero 825 collects live data that enables proactive decision making for the prevention of arising emergencies. In an emergency, the live data allows the control room operator to take decisive actions leading to saving lives.

Gone are the days of carrying multiple devices for gas detection, mobile communication, physical accident monitoring (slips, trips & falls) and measuring health metrics on the job. The Personal Safety Monitor PSM Hero 825 is your solution to carrying only one device for all your essential safety needs.

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Additional Highlights:

  • Full integration with the Universal Data Interface, a smart alert and navigation system to ensure complete worker oversight and reporting
  • Network communication integration between satellite (Iridium) and local network systems to allow constant communication and data flow
  • Instant messaging for communicating to multiple devices simultaneously from a single operator
  • Geofencing alerts to both the safety manager and the field worker
  • Safe-area configuration changes and Firmware updates that times themselves appropriately
  • Customisable configuration to suit operational needs and compliance standards
  • Multi-language enabled

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Australian Made
Personal Safety Monitor PSM Hero 825