Why our Connected Worker Safety Solution?

  1. Reduce worker injuries, fatalities, and their associated costs

Reverse the trend in work-related injuries and fatalities is Universal Site Monitoring’s mission. We provide real-time data streaming, communication, and worker’s monitoring, in every industrial environment, so you can detect possible risks before they become an accident. Protecting workers means protecting your organisation’s most important asset, your revenue, and reputation. The median compensation paid per serious claim was $11,700 in 2019, a 43% increase since 2010 where compensations per claim were still at $8,200 [1]. Workplace related injuries and diseases cost Australian employers $3.09 billion in workers’ comp and lost productivity every year. Ensuring your workers’ safety is monitored is a smart investment that will reduce associated physical, emotional and compensation costs from preventable work-related injuries and diseases.

[1] Safe Work Australia

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Remote Reliable Connectivity

2. Reliable connectivity no matter where your workers are

 With leading-edge IIoT technology and a proprietary mesh connectivity system, the Universal Site Monitoring personal safety monitoring system (PSMS) provides essential safety data anywhere, anytime, including in remote areas and confined spaces. Our Person Safety Monitoring devices provide real-time data streaming directly to the operations control room, so you never skip a beat on your operational processes and your workers, no matter where they are.

3. Enhanced productivity and compliance

Monitoring workers’ location, their fitness for task level or heat mapping potential hazards of a site, allow to uncover opportunities to increase operational efficiency, avoiding unnecessary procedures and preventing risks. Location-monitoring guarantees that the workers remain compliant to the organisation’s policies and do not enter restricted areas that could put them at risk. Our Universal Data Interface smart alert and mapping system is flexible and versatile and allows for customised reports and data analytics for automated compliance. It ultimately accelerates your company’s digital transformation as you’ll be able to utilise live safety management data and insights that help you to connect assets, processes and people across all worksites, and to deliver a comprehensive system of record of your operations, that enhances worker productivity and streamline compliance.

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4. Workers and worksite real-time visibility

Lone workers will never have to “work alone” again. Workers in all types of industrial sites, confined spaces and remote areas will feel safer knowing their safety is being monitored from anywhere in the world, at any time with cellular, mesh, or satellite connection. Remote monitoring and reporting, allow for absolute real-time visibility, both for the control room operator, and for the site manager. The real-time data allows for actionable insights that allow you to manage worksite evacuations, mastering operations, or any change across your entire fleet with just a few clicks.

5. Reliable & durable personal safety monitoring devices

Our Personal Safety Monitoring devices are built for extremes and have been developed to withstand harsh heavy-industry environments increasing device longevity and reducing replacement cycle costs. From scorching heat to below zero degrees Celsius, to underground working conditions, to falls from a 20m height, Universal Site Monitoring has carefully developed the Personal Safety Monitors Hero 825 and 715 to stand the test of time, for proven reliability and longevity.

Durable Safety Monitoring Devices
Uncompromised Data Privacy

6. Uncompromised data privacy

We are aware that data privacy and data safety is of utmost concern for our customers and their workers, particularly as privacy laws differ from country to country around the world. Contrary to what is the trend in the industry, at Universal Site Monitoring customers can make the decision of having the Universal Data Interface (UDI) smart alert and navigation system hosted on a local server or cloud-based. In any case, it’s the customer who owns the data.